Meet Fawkes, our therapy dog in training!

Fawkes is from Alabama and was adopted by Sidney Patnoe Hagelberger in October. The name Fawkes (pronounced like fox) is inspired by Harry Potter. Fawkes is about a year old, and the best guess is that she is a lab/retriever mix and had a rough start in life as a bullet was found in her hind quarters. Rather than becoming fearful and defensive it seems her experience has made her sensitive and loving. The last two months Sidney and Fawkes have gotten to know each other and it became clear that Fawkes would make an excellent therapy dog because she loves people, attention, and she is a quick learner. One of the approved ideas for the Hope, Healing and Wholeness initiative was to have a therapy dog a part of the MCLC community. With Sidney being a member of MCLC, this was an excellent way to serve the community. Through the generous donation of Marge Hoffmann, Fawkes and Sidney are attending classes to obtain the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. After that certification is obtained, they will enroll in a therapy dog training course. The training process will take at least 4 months. Fawkes will be around for events at church and the community. We look forward to welcoming Fawkes into our community and sharing her love and joy with us!