Diaper Collection for Holy Trinity Distribution

In support of our Longfellow Community, we will be collecting 50 packages of size 5 diapers to be delivered on Wednesday, August 26 to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Help us meet the goal of 50 by either donating or buying a package. There are three ways to support the collection:

  1. Drop off your purchased diapers of size 5 at MCLC at an outside collection area on Sunday afternoons from 1 pm to 3 pm. This will be every Sunday in August except August 30.
  2. Provide a donation online by clicking “Give” in the upper right hand corner, mail in, or drop in the mail box at church and designate the gift for “Longfellow Community Relief”. We’ll use the money to buy a package. A case of 100+ diapers costs about $45 (sometimes you can find them cheaper). If you have questions or you would be willing to volunteer to help buy diapers, please contact Kaye, or call the church office.
  3. Purchase online and have it shipped to the church building.