The Songs of My Life Gathering is open to anyone who is seeking connection. On the 2nd Wednesday of each month we gather to share food, then to share stories, songs and space with each other. In this way we grow together in our journey here on earth.

We meet together as friends, equal partners in a spiritual journey, This journey is more fulfilling and complete with shared with others. We can learn how to live better through sharing, taking action, praying and caring for others and ourselves. This improves our connection to each other and do the “God of our own understanding” is used to honor everyone’s view point and their personal relationship with God. Our experience has taught us that the God of our understanding, this great spirit of the universe can give us freedom from our obsessions and problems, heal us, and show us the way to serenity.

The meal and gathering are free. The community meal begins at 6 pm, and the gathering begins at 7 pm. Attendance at the community meal is not required to participate in the gathering.

All are welcome.


Monthly Themes for 2019

During Songs of My Life there is opportunity for sharing. The themes for the months in 2019 are below, along with questions that will be asked during the times of sharing.

January Memorial How can I make memories of loved ones a positive and nurturing influence in my life?
Who is someone you miss, who has left us? Maybe they left too soon or you left things unsaid?
What challenges have you had comforting others in times of grief?
February Love What do you do to love yourself?
How do you show love for someone else?
How do you show love in your long-term relationships?
March I can’t do it myself What are some things you can’t do yourself?
What do you help others do that they can’t?
How does being helped make you feel?
April Making Amends What is the role of forgiveness in your life?
How do you practice intentional kindness?
How have you made amends?
How have others made amends to you? How did that make you feel?
May Children and Youth Do you feel good at school? at home?
What is a positive/negative memory from your childhood?
How have you been bullied in life?
June Celebrate Life What is your favorite time to be with family and/or friends?
How do traditions affect your celebrations?
July Who is your Neighbor How do you try to connect with your neighbors?
Why is it ok to have different views?
August Themes of our ancestors How does the faith traditions of your parents/ancestors affect your traditions/beliefs?
How do you honor the faith(s) of your neighbor(s)?
September Veterans and Physical Healing When you heal physically where does the energy come from?
How does your physical health affect your emotional health and vice versa?
How have/do veterans influence your life and journey?
October The God of your understanding How do you describe the God of your understanding?
November Thanksgiving What acts of kindness have made the biggest difference in your life?How can you find thanksgiving in the unwanted things that happen?
December Unity Where do you feel the most peaceful/unified in your life?
How have you found unity with people different from you?