Parish Nurse

Parish Nursing is a lot like gardening, we hope, through the nurturing of the mind-body-spirit and tending to this intricate, interwoven relationship, we can help a person flourish and grow where they are planted. There are three main areas that the parish serves in ministry at Minnehaha Communion Lutheran church.


  • Mental Health First Aid classes
  • Adult CPR/AED classes and meetings on Advance Directives empower members.
  • Forms for Advance Directives, including a “short form” of two pages, allow any competent adult 18 or over to name a Health Care Agent even if details on specific health care needs are not (yet) addressed.
  • Forms for those facing serious illness.

Prayer & Worship

  • Lay led worship services on the months where there is a 5th Sunday
  • Longest Night service before Christmas allows a healing space for those mourning the loss of a loved one during the holiday season.
  • Facilitates prayer request from the Little Library, pew prayer cards and our website
  • Hosting individual prayer stations available the first Sunday of the month and each Sunday during Lent and Advent


The heart of Parish Nursing is the personal contact and the time spent visiting with members in homes, hospitals, care centers, is cherished time.
These visits may include:

  • Communion
  • Prayer and sharing time
  • Blood pressure or other health related checks
  • Connection to resources as aging impacts mobility and accessibility
  • Safe home reviews to ensure safety in the home