• Building relationships with Christ and each other by engaging community in hope, healing and wholeness.

  • Learning Together: Dear Church Book Discussion Series

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Remaining Connected in Christ as a Community

The staff and leadership of Minnehaha Communion Lutheran church have, at the direction of the the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC, made the decision to suspend the use of our physical building for all community members. Our ministry has developed nicely through other means of live streams, phone calls, and increased community connection. The staff will continue to check in at the physical building and day-to-day operations will continue. The mission of Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church does not stop. It will continue in new ways that will continue to deepen our relationships with God and one another.

Below are the opportunities for connection during the week!


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Sunday School

Every Sunday at 10:45 am starting on September 13, 2020

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Songs of My Life

Second Wednesday of the Month at 7 pm
October 14

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If you can only join by audio you can do that by calling 312-626-6799 then enter the meeting ID when prompted which is 869 4220 5974. You’ll be asked to enter a participant ID, but you don’t need to enter one.

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Learning Together: Dear Church Book Discussion Series

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Minnehaha Communion Lutheran Church is a community of Christians committed to offering a sanctuary from the troubles of life. We believe that Christ’s love is for all people and we welcome people accordingly, without exception and without pretense. We believe the church should be the first place, not the last place, where people can bring their concerns. We seek to understand God and ourselves through relationships, experiences and space.

By working together, we have discovered that hospitality is a key ingredient in valuing all of God’s creation. We show hospitality best when we welcome, accept, and care for others openly and unconditionally, just as God cares for us. It is in these relational opportunities where we all can experience hope, healing and wholeness. Our fellowship is committed to reaching out to the surrounding community and serving Christ by serving others.

Children are an essential part of the worshiping community and accept that their behavior often reflects their emotions. Having a community where children feel secure and supported allows children to grow in resiliency while they experience love and acceptance.

We value Radical Hospitality, Real Relationships, and Responsive Worship.

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